by Toothgnasher

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Machtmenschen is dedicated to all the people, and all those of power.


released January 1, 2012

Special thanks go to NurseBellum for her wonderful vocals on the Sore remix, Löw Ph for his BEYOND grande imagery on photo, and on cover, Ziah Jolléy for the grand vision in video work, James Church of CRL Studios for his endless patience and epic volumes of people to refer Toothgnasher to, to get a bit further ahead, and as always, those who consider themselves fans. If it weren't for you, this wouldn't be.



all rights reserved


Toothgnasher Denver, Colorado

an accident that worked in our favour, will be including the female vocalist from the Sore remix
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Track Name: Ignorotica

Chasing our sole desires
No consequence too great.
We don’t stop to think
of the things we may affect.
Carry out life as a right
We never think of the debt
We never think of regrets
For the little things we no longer see.

What can it matter, when the world is our toy?
Our limitless plaything.

Carry on,
as usurpers,
we’re free.

Religion says its right.
There cannot be a soul,

It glitters, it must be gold.
Watch the vision of tomorrow grow cold,
I break the frost.
What of the meaning in between?
Though it glitters it isn’t always gold,
As a child neither bought, nor sold
I see the fate, in the answers you seek
Carry on, this way of life!
No life beyond these city walls.
How idle should we stand, as our new world falls?
Always with your Dollar Bill, I shall never give foot!
Make way for Christ.
Track Name: Desert Sand
Desert Sand

In a war we did not start.
In a land where we should not be.
We fight our way through the desert sands
No reason, we follow orders to a T.
In a place forgotten by god
Its such a sight to see,
We find our bodies in the desert sand,
Medium rare, for an act of complacency.

And if we ever go home,
My face you will not recognise,
My temperament extreme.
We’ve given our souls,
Can you not, see it in our eyes?
As we become the machine.
Another cog replaced.
Take a shot to the gut, they’ll make it alright.
Stitched out of body parts, but the same old face.

From a voice we’ve never heard.
This republican president;
Some business man with a power driven appetite.
So many fell, still falling post retirement.
In This place forgotten by the gods
Its such a site to see.
Military suicide numbers so high
no way to pay our Debts. When dying for ‘democracy’.

And if we ever make it home,
My conscience you will not recognise
My temperament extreme.
We’ve given ourselves,
Can you not see it in our eyes.
As we became this machine.
Our home lives, in defeat.
Our children so afraid
More fighting left to face,
they didn’t make it alright
so many Debts left for us unpaid


No semblance of reason!
No outlet for the rage!
Everyday, the war is in my head.
If we’re not fighting we’re lock up in a cage.

Our own hearts, do not recognise
Its been so long since a lover could sate.
We fight for our very lives,
Don’t dare try to say you understand
You can’t possibly relate.

Our own eyes Do not recognise,
as if our faces have changed.
In any new light, so full of hate,
our own children cannot communicate.

Have our hearts so changed?
So willing to take a life,
No you cannot
Now we’re doing time
for what you’ve trained.
Track Name: Machtmenschen
Are we against all odds
When screaming “enough!”?
Are we against all hope?
Upright citizens, stand up yourself.
Are we against the grain
Demanding change that works
Is it against the law
To stand up for ourselves?

Ch 1
All of these things that cannot reveal
All of these moments we cannot feel,
All of this pride we cannot forsake
Our belligerent hearts, they cannot take
As opportunity turns into demise
This is America, open your eyes,
A land of dreams, economy and pride,
We try to make ends meet when our lives collide

All leaders alike,
Lead us into the skies,
No leaders alive,
Only a prophets lies,

All leaders alike,
Such blinded eyes
With nimble fingers
Caressing corporate ties.

All leaders alike,
One goal; to win
No leaders alive,
Only a criminal sin.

Tear into my fingers!
Scarring my family life!
No time for the things that matter,
No time to live our lives.

Tear into our bitter flesh!
Raping the dead for your petty cash!
Outsourced and over achieved!
The remnants of a misdirected past!

Tear apart this federal reserve
Johnny boy! In your name we praise!

All of the answers they “cannot reveal”
All of these moments we cannot feel,
All of this pride we cannot forsake
Our belligerent hearts, they cannot take
Opportunity turning into demise
This is America, open your eyes,
A land of dreams, prosperity and pride,
We try to make ends meet while our government lies!

All of the truths, they cannot conceal
All of this hell, it cannot be real,
We let the law run astray and we cannot forsake
In our belligerent hearts, the anger isn’t fake
As opportunity turning into ash
This is America, driven by hard cash,
A land of bankers, economy and lies,
We try to make ends meet, until we open our eyes

All leaders alike,
Lead us into the skies,
No leaders alive,
Only a prophets lies,

All leaders alike,
Such blinded eyes
With nimble fingers
Caressing corporate ties.

All leaders alike,
One goal; to win
No leaders alive,
Only a criminal sin.
Track Name: Bogeymormon

I travel the globe
Spreading the tale of Christ
And I’m forever known,
Giving unhelpful advice,
I lurk upon your door,
My time is sacrifice
One moment never enough,
(Joey can you hear me!?)
I feed your kids,
Walk the dog,
Then I dig through your trash
Wipe the tables,
Spread the joy,
And then we take your cash,
A truer meaning of Christ,
You can never know
Unlock the kingdom divine,
Then make a prayer for show

My sister’s duty deferred,
Spreading her latter-day thighs,
Selling latter-day saints
To men with hungering eyes,
A message one of pride,
As Jesus aims to please,
And she swallows your lust,
With a prayer on her knees.

I don my robes on high,
Lucas you'd do the same,
With golden tablets divine,
The angel Mormon came,
Inside my Mormon abode,
My sisters touch, so nice,
(Joey can you hear me!?)
We murdered Natives for Christ.


Are the 12 tribes lost?
Genetics always the same,
So prepared for the holocaust,
(Joey can you hear me!?)
We’ve found the truth in a lie,
Our family life so nice,
With my sister exposed,
She makes a comforting wife,
I break my bicycle chain,
My Mormon buddy in kind,
I take his wheels for Christ,
Leaving my Mormons behind.
Your family life is safe,
Your history is sealed,
If you insult the church,
Your 10 percent revealed
We find the truth in a lie,
With magic reading stones,
Knocking on your door,
Joey can you hear me?

And if you dare invite,
There’s Mormons under your bed,
A life of sin sounds nice,
The Mormons over your dead.
And do we kill our own kind?
So many secrets must we keep,
In the kingdom divine,
We’re all happy latter-day sheep.
(Joey can you hear me!?)
And if you dare invite,
They come around once or twice
A shorter fuse you couldn’t light
Here they come with their Mormon advice.
And with your life, unclean.
Here they come to take your ignorance away,
Two cogs in the Mormon machine,
Joey can you hear me!?
Track Name: Mary-go-Riot!

V 1
This is my fist in the air, my sign of protest
Awaiting a state of civil war
Salvation returning,
we aren’t slaves
This is my voice so loud, my call of unrest
Take a listen you’ll hear, a message to a weakening crowd
Stand and die or be dead anyway
We aren’t for sale
Unbinding of hands, one shot for democracy
Cutting off chains on a nation in atrophy.
Propagate the change, display though we hardly define
We will not be hard to see
My revolution,
the sudden impact of change
Motis operandi, we will not live In a cage
We are the end of resolve
We will not die unless free.

V 2
This is our fist in the air; let it signify, by meaning, we care.
Bringing out a violent rebuttal,
Our Semper Fidelis: we aren’t for sale.

This is our voice so loud, a call to the def
No tyranny will stop us now,
Our progeny unfit, to see a need for revolt
We will not be caged
This is our litany; tomorrow will not be the same
We are machine of machination, we did not make
This is our battle cry, so take stance
Our children, our future, in need of defense,
This is our fist in the air, justify
a justice of two percent, who cannot care
we are a nation, equally behind,
we will not be slaves

This is my battle ground
This is the state of my mind
I can see something off, I cannot define,
Right here before me,
And yet I feel so blind

This is my battle ground,
The endless need for change,
Dire is the state,
Standing before us all,
And yet we feel so blind
Track Name: dunkel Künstler
dunkel Künstler

Tearing me,
My own sacrifice.
Sharing my,
Private hell.
One small stroke on my
Canvas, of bloodshed
One final touch
My masterpiece.

Scar my soul,
My inner child screams
Forgive me,
My view upon the world,
Tear it to the ground,
This fragment of history
My fists paint
The verse of life.


Hear thee now:
This laugh within myself
I can’t contain my
Proclivities anymore.
Breaking a vow,
Silence is for the dead.
Some promises cannot be upheld

Shaking the now,
the illusion of grandeur
This little gift
of intellect bestowed.
Hear thee now,
This clock beside my bed
Counting down our time is done.


I paint myself as an image of control,
I sculpt myself with an iron fist,
I write myself in roles, that never fail,
I scar myself with the image of defeat
I abuse my weakness I succumb to deceit
I allow my pain, to justify revenge

I paint myself as the image of a god
I adorn myself in misery of man
My hatred, so easily explained
I forge myself in a hollow scream,
I write myself inside your dreams,
Such nightmares, they
cannot be contained.
Track Name: Angel of VIolence - Sore (Rememberance Remix by Toothgnasher feat NurseBellum)

An aged scar, it cannot heal.
The time has taught me well,
This time it’s all too real

Falling apart, it atrophies.
My resolve is gone.
And I’m on my knees.

Tear it out at the heart; Cut it clean.
The anger known the things I’ve seen,
I can take no more,
(time wont heal)
Time won’t heal this sore.

Cherished life (in lividity) cherish the flesh
Mother holding baby dear, on her breast,
Baby falters from her arms. (Cosy no more)
Baby turns to a man, (victory to vengeance)
Man to a man, shake the hand hold tight,
Now we’ve got a fight for interests in land.
Time won’t heal this sore.

The cycle goes on, the endless wheel.
Father dies for the son. (Killed by the killer inside)
For reasons I can’t see.

Another generation gone, all hope lost.
Upcoming life, from blood on the frost,
Will it stay the same? (The sun grows cold)
Child playing toys, same games we’ve played.
Toy guns turn real, baseball into a hand grenade.
Same clarion call, call to war, (Agitated Tyranny)
Child turned man, goes without knowing what for.
Time won’t heal this sore.

No love lost, I’ve never been there, to hold your hand.
(I’ve never been so alive)
In the name of victory, we’ve given our lives, we are still men,
/I’ve given my life, I am still man)
(I’ve never felt so alive)
This never changing let the orders stay the same, carry on,
(Earning rank with a need to survive)
For the sake of victory, we’ll never die in vein, carry on
Tell the story to our sons. -