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This was essentially the track that signified the birth of Toothgnasher. This one was the test to see how much oomph I could get out of my new gear. I got sick and tired of these creepy ass mormons knocking on my door insisting I have time when Im on my way to work... Chill the fuck out, its JUST religion....



I travel the globe
Spreading the tale of Christ
And I’m forever known,
Giving unhelpful advice,
I lurk upon your door,
My time is sacrifice
One moment never enough,
(Joey can you hear me!?)
I feed your kids,
Walk the dog,
Then I dig through your trash
Wipe the tables,
Spread the joy,
And then we take your cash,
A truer meaning of Christ,
You can never know
Unlock the kingdom divine,
Then make a prayer for show

My sister’s duty deferred,
Spreading her latter-day thighs,
Selling latter-day saints
To men with hungering eyes,
A message one of pride,
As Jesus aims to please,
And she swallows your lust,
With a prayer on her knees.

I don my robes on high,
Lucas you'd do the same,
With golden tablets divine,
The angel Mormon came,
Inside my Mormon abode,
My sisters touch, so nice,
(Joey can you hear me!?)
We murdered Natives for Christ.


Are the 12 tribes lost?
Genetics always the same,
So prepared for the holocaust,
(Joey can you hear me!?)
We’ve found the truth in a lie,
Our family life so nice,
With my sister exposed,
She makes a comforting wife,
I break my bicycle chain,
My Mormon buddy in kind,
I take his wheels for Christ,
Leaving my Mormons behind.
Your family life is safe,
Your history is sealed,
If you insult the church,
Your 10 percent revealed
We find the truth in a lie,
With magic reading stones,
Knocking on your door,
Joey can you hear me?

And if you dare invite,
There’s Mormons under your bed,
A life of sin sounds nice,
The Mormons over your dead.
And do we kill our own kind?
So many secrets must we keep,
In the kingdom divine,
We’re all happy latter-day sheep.
(Joey can you hear me!?)
And if you dare invite,
They come around once or twice
A shorter fuse you couldn’t light
Here they come with their Mormon advice.
And with your life, unclean.
Here they come to take your ignorance away,
Two cogs in the Mormon machine,
Joey can you hear me!?


from Machtmenschen, released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Toothgnasher Denver, Colorado

an accident that worked in our favour, will be including the female vocalist from the Sore remix
here is the latest review

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