Desert Sand

from by Toothgnasher



Dedicated to every member of the military, and USAF that served in the pointless waste of life, liberty, tax payers money, and humanity we called a war in the Arab States for the purpose of procuring the American grip on oil under the guise of freedom and anti terrorism. Some of us understand what you went through, and some even more than others. This is my way of saying thank you.


Desert Sand

In a war we did not start.
In a land where we should not be.
We fight our way through the desert sands
No reason, we follow orders to a T.
In a place forgotten by god
Its such a sight to see,
We find our bodies in the desert sand,
Medium rare, for an act of complacency.

And if we ever go home,
My face you will not recognise,
My temperament extreme.
We’ve given our souls,
Can you not, see it in our eyes?
As we become the machine.
Another cog replaced.
Take a shot to the gut, they’ll make it alright.
Stitched out of body parts, but the same old face.

From a voice we’ve never heard.
This republican president;
Some business man with a power driven appetite.
So many fell, still falling post retirement.
In This place forgotten by the gods
Its such a site to see.
Military suicide numbers so high
no way to pay our Debts. When dying for ‘democracy’.

And if we ever make it home,
My conscience you will not recognise
My temperament extreme.
We’ve given ourselves,
Can you not see it in our eyes.
As we became this machine.
Our home lives, in defeat.
Our children so afraid
More fighting left to face,
they didn’t make it alright
so many Debts left for us unpaid


No semblance of reason!
No outlet for the rage!
Everyday, the war is in my head.
If we’re not fighting we’re lock up in a cage.

Our own hearts, do not recognise
Its been so long since a lover could sate.
We fight for our very lives,
Don’t dare try to say you understand
You can’t possibly relate.

Our own eyes Do not recognise,
as if our faces have changed.
In any new light, so full of hate,
our own children cannot communicate.

Have our hearts so changed?
So willing to take a life,
No you cannot
Now we’re doing time
for what you’ve trained.


from Machtmenschen, released January 1, 2012
The US/UN Military and USAF



all rights reserved


Toothgnasher Denver, Colorado

an accident that worked in our favour, will be including the female vocalist from the Sore remix
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