dunkel Künstler

from by Toothgnasher



This was the second track written as Toothgnasher. I wanted to see what I sounded like singing into the new gear. lol


dunkel Künstler

Tearing me,
My own sacrifice.
Sharing my,
Private hell.
One small stroke on my
Canvas, of bloodshed
One final touch
My masterpiece.

Scar my soul,
My inner child screams
Forgive me,
My view upon the world,
Tear it to the ground,
This fragment of history
My fists paint
The verse of life.


Hear thee now:
This laugh within myself
I can’t contain my
Proclivities anymore.
Breaking a vow,
Silence is for the dead.
Some promises cannot be upheld

Shaking the now,
the illusion of grandeur
This little gift
of intellect bestowed.
Hear thee now,
This clock beside my bed
Counting down our time is done.


I paint myself as an image of control,
I sculpt myself with an iron fist,
I write myself in roles, that never fail,
I scar myself with the image of defeat
I abuse my weakness I succumb to deceit
I allow my pain, to justify revenge

I paint myself as the image of a god
I adorn myself in misery of man
My hatred, so easily explained
I forge myself in a hollow scream,
I write myself inside your dreams,
Such nightmares, they
cannot be contained.


from Machtmenschen, released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Toothgnasher Denver, Colorado

an accident that worked in our favour, will be including the female vocalist from the Sore remix
here is the latest review

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