Angel of VIolence - Sore (Rememberance Remix by Toothgnasher feat NurseBellum)

from by Toothgnasher



This is a straight up AoV track I remixed. I strongly felt this remix needed a home album beyond the Sore Remix album posted by CRL Studios. It just seemed so lonely. or something.

The female vocalist, NurseBellum, will be on all future albums... I fell madly in love with the shit I can do to this girls voice. lol,

IT IS AND WILL REMAIN A FREE TRACK!!! donate as you like, thats fine, Angel of VIolence won't mind too much... trust me lol, but when purchasing the Machtmenschen album YOU ARE NOT PAYING FOR THIS TRACK. Download the hell out of it give it to friends, and family or scare people with it.... I dont care, lol.

oh, we WILL sue the FUCK out of anyone SELLING this track. (we being James Church, CRL Studios, Sumibraxis, Angel of VIolence, and Toothgnasher)



An aged scar, it cannot heal.
The time has taught me well,
This time it’s all too real

Falling apart, it atrophies.
My resolve is gone.
And I’m on my knees.

Tear it out at the heart; Cut it clean.
The anger known the things I’ve seen,
I can take no more,
(time wont heal)
Time won’t heal this sore.

Cherished life (in lividity) cherish the flesh
Mother holding baby dear, on her breast,
Baby falters from her arms. (Cosy no more)
Baby turns to a man, (victory to vengeance)
Man to a man, shake the hand hold tight,
Now we’ve got a fight for interests in land.
Time won’t heal this sore.

The cycle goes on, the endless wheel.
Father dies for the son. (Killed by the killer inside)
For reasons I can’t see.

Another generation gone, all hope lost.
Upcoming life, from blood on the frost,
Will it stay the same? (The sun grows cold)
Child playing toys, same games we’ve played.
Toy guns turn real, baseball into a hand grenade.
Same clarion call, call to war, (Agitated Tyranny)
Child turned man, goes without knowing what for.
Time won’t heal this sore.

No love lost, I’ve never been there, to hold your hand.
(I’ve never been so alive)
In the name of victory, we’ve given our lives, we are still men,
/I’ve given my life, I am still man)
(I’ve never felt so alive)
This never changing let the orders stay the same, carry on,
(Earning rank with a need to survive)
For the sake of victory, we’ll never die in vein, carry on
Tell the story to our sons. -


from Machtmenschen, released January 1, 2012
Angel of VIolence



all rights reserved


Toothgnasher Denver, Colorado

an accident that worked in our favour, will be including the female vocalist from the Sore remix
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