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fuckin women....


from Machtmenschen, released January 1, 2012

Dont carry me, Im alive,
I can stand on my own two feet

Dont carry me, I am alive.
Though injured, I will not collapse,

Harbour me, if only for a short time,
Enough to clear my head.

Guide me, remind me of our way
For my mourning,, is not yet, complete.

Dont fall apart, on my behalf
Its not of your concern

Dont bury me, in memories divine
Its nothing I deserve
Dont pity me,


Dont carry me, Im not in denial
I will not fall apart,

Lie to me, if anything at all
We all have, our own crosses to burn

Dont carry me, I don’t pity myself,
And neither should you.

Counter me, should I need anything at all
Its to stand, on my own two feet.


Dont tell me, I can see it well enough
My common sense has returned

Dont hold me, its nothing I deserve,
Risking so much, I shouldnt know reward

Dont bury me, I am alive.
With so much left in demand.

Dont carry me, I am alive.
With injury sustained, I will not pretend.
This decision was mine

I wouldnt pity you.


Nothing worse than trechery,
Nothing less than guile
A twist in craft, more achieved than mastery
Has Shown me, I am alive,

Nothing worse than betrayal,
A traitor within my midst
Though tempted to show no mercy,
For a victory so small
Its not worth taking/(Its worse than denial)



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Toothgnasher Denver, Colorado

an accident that worked in our favour, will be including the female vocalist from the Sore remix
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